How to Join 4-H

The Otero County 4-H enrollment period begins October 1 and ends February 1 of each year for youth ages 9-19. Children 5-8 years of age are encouraged to enroll in a special introductory program called Cloverbuds. Youth who miss the enrollment deadline are welcome to join the program as participant members.

The sooner you enroll, the more you will benefit from the 4-H Club experience, and the more time there will be to work on 4-H Projects.

4-H Youth Enrollment

Enrollment in the Otero County 4-H Program is completed at the club level. To enroll, review the list of clubs in Otero County and choose a club that meets your family's schedule. Contact the Club Leader and attend their club meetings. Enrollment forms are available from the Club Leaders and must turned into your club leader.

4-H Adult Volunteer/Leader Information

Adult Volunteers are vital to the success of the 4-H Program. Do you like welding, cooking, gardening, photography, or working with animals? There are many interesting projects and fun things to do as a part of 4-H. You'll enjoy working with young people, and learn right along with them! Imagine the satisfaction of watching a young person blossom.

The goal of 4-H is to help young people develop as individuals and as responsible and productive citizens in their communities. You can help form the foundation on which productive citizens are built. Four-H Volunteer Leaders have many opportunities to acquire training, learn new skills, attend conferences, and meet people.

  • 4-H Adult Volunteer Leader Disclosure & Application
    This packet, along with the 4-H Adult Volunteer Leader Enrollment form and $10.00 fee is required when enrolling as a first-year 4-H Adult Volunteer Leader. Make check or money order payable to Otero Youth & Adult Programs and return packet to the Otero County Extension Office.

All 4-H Adult Volunteer Leaders MUST attend one of the "Working with 4-H Minors" training . This training is a requirement before any adult can become a leader. If you have questions or need more information on the training, please call the Otero County Extension Service at 575-437-0231.